October 15, 2014 James Buzzacco (President, Video Production Director)

Brand Story Marketing Using Video Production – Movie Industry Secrets.

I think it’s safe to say that no one really cares about your marketing goals. Really! But everyone loves a good story. Find a way to mix these two ingredients and reap the rewards of this proven recipe for success. 

Unfortunately, the era of power point presentations and statistical slide shows are no match for the potency of full sensory entertainment media. In this new age of advertising, it’s vital to get your marketing message across in a format that gets shared in a Facebook stream alongside videos of life experiences and pictures of loved ones. So, by creating a brand story with a cinematic appeal with colorfully compelling characters that can draw an emotional response in the same fashion as today’s most popular movies, you are ideally repositioning yourself as a modern day storyteller for the success of your business.

The movie industry is one of the largest grossing and most profitable business models because of this very facet alone. A full video production cinematic experience can briefly transport the viewer into another world of senses and simultaneously alter their perspective for the allotted time in their attention span. The universal human condition is undeniably attracted to escaping in this way…emotionally. This is your open door to build the need and value for your products and/or services!!!

If you are unclear how this can benefit your business; remember, if you can make someone feel by using a relatable story, you can also indirectly allow social media to create an opportunity for your customers to feel comfortable enough to have a conversation with your company. This is the connection you’ve been striving to create. A memorable experience, a chance to showcase your passions as a brand/ company, and at both ends you have satisfied a genuine dialogue. Not a meaningless solicitation that leaves you questioning your sales intentions at the end of the day.

If you are unfamiliar with the process…wait until you discover how much fun this creative marketing objective can be. To breath life into your company, one blockbuster storyboard scene at a time.

Allow Creative Doorway to design, develop, and deliver the initial script all the way to the final cinematic video production commercial brand story; using refined marketing calculations that pin point the emotional needs of your business’s targeted niche demographic. From crafting characters who speak the language of your customers, utilizing cinematic elements to engage your audience to feel specific emotions, and to indirectly lace each breath taking moment of your video with your strategic marketing message; Creative Doorway is your doorway to a new realm in creative marketing.

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