October 15, 2014 James Buzzacco (President, Video Production Director)

Businesses Marketing Backwards? A New Arizona Video Production Company Launches To Build Brands Correctly.

“Most small businesses are unaware that they are marketing backwards,” argues James Buzzacco, founder of the newly launched Arizona video production company – Creative Doorway. Together with his wife and equally passionate business partner Misty, they hope to remedy a misinterpreted formula for success.

“Everyone is flocking to design a logo, build a website, and fill in the blanks with content just to imitate their competitor’s efforts. Then they assume business will just work.” Being a creative director for over 15 years in Scottsdale, Buzzacco affirms that there was this inevitable doom that plagued the overwhelmingly high volume of start-ups every year; regardless of the upscale reputation of the town. “They could claim they had all the traditional marketing elements in place and a budget with limitless potential but would still fail to flourish as a lucrative business. Something was obviously missing.”

Research from the Wall Street Journal shows that 3 out of 4 start-ups crash after failing to retain customers, many of whom simply feel no sense of attachment to the products or services offered. “Consumers never quite subconsciously trust these small companies in the same fashion they do with established big businesses. Unaware that these so-called big businesses stack their chips on marketing campaigns that simply allow their potential customers to enter into an environment that elicits an innocent form of entertainment before unleashing the sales and marketing arsenal.”

Buzzacco wants to turn marketing around and start at the opposite end first. To build a unique storyline that can entertain, establish an identity, and then let the other branding elements form to help support the star of the show. Together with his wife and equally passionate business partner, Misty, they have launched a video production and creative marketing service that they hope will remedy a misinterpreted formula for success. The couple, who both have backgrounds in filmmaking and marketing, will be offering a unique blend of branding services to help tell a story for businesses looking to generate a real emotional connection with their customers.

Building on an understanding of marketing strategy and business psychology, James and Misty offer their clients the opportunity to create a full sensory adventure for their targeted demographic. Using the latest technologies in motion graphic video production, web design, and creative writing, they seek to deliver a multi-dimensional identity for their client’s marketing efforts.

“Audiences,” Buzzacco says, “can see products and services as protagonists; relatable concepts they can really build a sense of connection to within our trademark cinematic commercials.” The couple’s previous projects have focused on acclaimed films and design projects exploring the powers of “building a story before the brand” philosophy, and now they hope to bring their talents throughout the Southwest to businesses struggling to engage with their customers.

“Too many brands are just flat and fit a cookie-cutter mold,” Buzzacco explains. “This kind of identification is essential to creating value for products and/or services. The unique creative properties of each business deserve to be presented in the correct way.”

The Creative Doorway process has unique benefits for business owners too. “By exploring their motivations, we can help business owners reignite the passion for their work,” he says. “When customers can feel that passion and understand the authentic creative mission through these unique videos and branding package experiences, then a company finally can establish a true identity…and a fair chance to succeed”.

To celebrate their successful launch of Creative Doorway, the couple is offering one lucky business a free 30-second cinematic commercial brand re-invention. Details can be found at their website –https://www.creativedoorway.com/version1/promotion_30sec.php

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