The Lost Storytellers (Reality Show), Interview with Director James Buzzacco

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Interview with James Buzzacco, the Director of ‘The Lost Storytellers’

“What inspired you to begin ‘the Lost Storytellers’ project?”Not really about the project concept itself, but what was your mental state going into initliazing the soon to be reality show?

“Well, we just received a two-year contract with one of our premier clients out of Los Angeles – set to commission the most elaborate production campaigns we’ve ever experienced as professionals – to essentially build another collection of our trademarked cinematic brand packages, but now it would allow us to create even more robust sets, design custom wardrobes and props, and to use state-of-the-art movie studio sets to get wild with our CGI offerings – all for the success of our new advertising assets.
“Not to mention that our green lit storyboards to proceed that handshake would soon lead us into the rain forests of Costa Rica, and the crystal-clear, underwater passageways of Cancun, and everywhere in between. I mean, this was a massive development for our boutique-style advertising agency – working out of Phoenix at the time, mind you. Glad that changed though! Creative Doorway LA is now official, by the way.
“No, but to keep this as real as I know how to – where things start to deviate from the American dream scenario is at the core of how myself and my wife (and business partner) perceive success in general now. It seems like no matter what milestone we achieve in our skillsets, or equipment we purchase, or new client project accounts we establish… that the excitement dies after the initial shock factor on day one. I mean, it dies. Like, not even giddy at all on day two. We just go to work and do what we love. So, it’s like this mirage situation. As soon as we get to the oasis, there appears to be another on the horizon.
“So, after 18 years in the business, you slowly start to get desensitized, and end up searching for ways to fulfill this deeper desire to make these experiences a bit more memorable. Now, how do you do that when the marketing industry is as shallow and one dimensional as it comes? Everything about what we create is fabricated from this preserved child-like imagination we’ve managed to exploit in some way to tell intriguing stories for companies who interface with consumers – so there is very little real connection there at the end of the day, when the job is done.
“Socially – it always equates to the bottom line. Everyone in the marketing and entertainment industry projects the same mirage on a personal development level as they do with their business aspirations – the ‘fake it until you make it’ situation. The sad thing is, is that it works! But, it starts to take a toll after a while, especially when you’re in pursuit of adding that level of meaning that only occurs when you’re at your most vulnerable and authentic states of mind – and not masked behind the smoke and mirrors with ulterior motives. It’s that real stuff under the surface. Like I said before, that is exactly what was in high demand for us to acquire in both our personal and business endeavors after exhausting that cliché, get-rich-quick formula years ago.”
“Now, as you’ve talked about a little bit, it’s no secret that the business of advertising can be ultimately cliché and, just, shallow, for lack of a better term. With this in mind, how did evolve as professionals to move away from this get-rich-quick format to creating something as raw and real as ‘the Lost Storytellers?’”
“No, you’re exactly right, the entertainment and advertising industry is designed to cast these illusions of grandeur, to project something or someone they aren’t, to cast this illusion of sorts for the sake of progressing their business or career. But, it truly is just a shallow business behind a shiny exterior. That’ll never change. And, it’s actually quite easy to get swept away in. It was obvious, though, that we had to custom create that social dynamic, because it didn’t exist around us. To surround ourselves with this type of energy was imperative.
“And again, with everyone projecting their rehearsed, Hollywood-pitch version of themselves, we had to think about how we would go about discovering the right talent to join our production crew for this project – of whom were still cut from the same cloth of artistic and experienced storytellers, but also looking to connect to something more authentic in their lives as well, instead of just chasing the worlds terms of success and short-term gratifications. We wanted to ground the entire project in something more ‘real’ like this. We were convinced it was vital to tap into a more collectively intuitive consciousness.
“So, we constructed and launched a simple casting call post – just as something unofficial that could either solidify our gut feeling to approach socially backwards like this at this phase, or further prove that we had to stick with the traditional protocols of how we would hire our freelance team for this project. However, in light of the unorthodox nature of this objective, this audition was designed to proposition people to disclose some really sensitive information about themselves, that would undoubtedly be deemed ‘weird’ by the industry we work in – even labeling our potential responders as ‘outcasts’ with equivalent negative connotations because of their caliber of backstory. Essentially, these were people who were capable of openly pronouncing their suffering, fears, depression, and anxiety conditions – a state of mind that would come to inspire the name of the project, ‘The Lost Storytellers.’”
“So, what was the vision for this project at the very beginning then? What I mean is, how was this idea originally conceptualized – like where you expected it to take you – and did the vision eventually meet up to your expectations in reality?”
“The reality of what happened with the Lost Storytellers didn’t meet up to our expectations, I think it really exceeded them. I don’t think anyone could have guessed that what happened would happen. In the beginning, our vision materialized to project what we would all become, The Lost Storytellers, like an uprising of people wanting to detach from the matrix, but still capable of creating art inside of the matrix. Ultimately, this was our way of surrounding ourselves with a more authentic and consciously awake ensemble of creatives – creatives that symbolize what this industry typecasts as people that are not presentable and not cool or whatever. Not confident. Too transparent. Weak because of their scars. A liability. You know how the survival-of-the-fittest philosophy plays into this kind of stuff!
“So, we stepped out in complete faith, and we were rewarded! Overnight the casting call on Facebook blew up, and thousands of people from all over the US poured out their hearts in this crazy unique way in these audition videos – that again, were viewable to the entire social media public on this casting post – where if anyone we knew would participate in something like this, it would be social media suicide! I mean, personal brands would be jeopardized, and professional credibility would be diminished! However, a new freedom of expression started to grow from this blank canvas we slipped under the radar. A liberation was happening as people were watching each other’s audition videos and authentically relating… and almost creating this family bonding between all of us as we watched and commented back in tears.”
“Now, give me an idea of what this casting call actually looked like. How did you provide guidelines for these audition videos to be able to capture that image of a broken creative, and eventually just create this perfect platform for such an authentic bonding?”
“The instructions of the audition were simply to just divulge their biggest weakness as a human being, and their biggest strength as a storyteller. Ironically, the two responses were so tightly entangled. Everyone, completely clueless to the undercurrent of our themes, attributed their strengths to their weaknesses – the exact perspective we were in pursuit of, but were unsure how to extract it. It was this an incredible breakthrough for us and everyone who participated, it appeared.”

“Okay, and then where did this transition happen, from where you had an audition video to where you suddenly had a thriving community of Lost Storytellers?”
“As we hustled to find a way to contain this beautiful social dynamic – out of pure desperation, because we didn’t expect this type of response – it ended up filtering into a group we created on Facebook, where we could potentially share our project updates to this community and allow this cultivation of people to continue telling their unique life stories. Misty and I, and this new community, were all shocked as we embraced the dysfunctions of so many other like-minded people, with so much gut wrenchingly real empathy taking place – on social media for that fact. That alone is a rare specimen.”
“Oh, you’re definitely right! So, after bonding and connecting with the people in this community at such an impactful level, was it difficult for you and your wife, Misty, to make a final decision on who you would cast as the actual crew for the Lost Storytellers?”
“At the end of the day, it was nearly impossible to just accept that our crew was only going to be ten strong out of the entire community, but we knew we had to select our finalists at some point. And yeah, making that selection was hard. We were afraid that after hearing a decision, people would feel hurt for not being chosen, and we would lose so many important people in our community of Lost Storytellers. But again, even after this phase of rejection for so many, the group remained intact and reflective of the authenticity we were in pursuit of, even after we revealed the cast selections publicly! They continue to embrace one another in the same way to this day, as we gear up to begin our filming in a few weeks; it’s incredible!”
“I know I already asked about your vision for the Lost Storytellers in the beginning, but what is your vision for the cast and community of Lost Storytellers as you look toward the future?”
“When our filming begins on April 14th… Our goal is to show the world, in a ‘docu-series,’ reality-show format, what this raw and natural social-dynamic actually looks like, as we travel the world on our upcoming marketing campaign to create a cinematic corporate brand together, shooting our trademark-style commercials in the production field like we do best – but this time with a cast and crew of Lost Storytellers. The question is, will this help solidify our thesis that this openly shared vulnerability connection could produce a camaraderie and productivity like never seen before? Could it create this everlasting bond that could push some kind of positive energy into the crazy universe – something real in a fake industry? Or will it backfire somehow?? Could the world itself and unpredictable human condition be too ruthless and sabotage this somehow? There’s really no way to know for sure what will happen next for the Lost Storytellers… so let’s find out together.”

Creative Doorway Video Production, New 2015 Demo Reel

Creative Doorway – Cinematic Video Production Branding Demo Reel – 2015

Creative Doorway is a Phoenix, Arizona-based cinematic video production company that specializes in innovative, multi-dimensional brand image fabrication for clients around the world. Our ability to help colorfully story tell using today’s most popular mediums is fused with talents to forge graphical, motion graphic video, web, and creative writing content to help launch a state-of-the-art identity for any project in need of a pulse.


Video Production, Casting Call – The Purple Chronicle

Short Film/Open Casting Call: The Purple Chronicle

CASTING CALL: Creative Doorway is shooting a short film in Pinetop Lakeside, Arizona. 2.5 hours north of Phoenix; this weekend (Jan. 22-23). We have available roles for both Male/Female Leads and/or supporting. Ages 25 to 40. Additional details will be provided based on our first phase of auditions. Please just simply reply…send us your headshot and/or link to demo reel (along with your pertinent contact information).

Film Genre is drama/thriller. Duration 15min.

Roles pay $150-$200 per day.


Creative Doorway Video Production, Casting Call – Major League Conditioning Workout Video Box-set.

About Creative Doorway, Cinematic Video Production:

Creative Doorway is a Phoenix, Arizona-based cinematic video production company that specializes in innovative, multi-dimensional brand image fabrication for clients around the world. Our ability to help colorfully story tell using today’s most popular mediums is fused with talents to forge graphical, motion graphic video, web, and creative writing content to help launch a state-of-the-art identity for any project in need of a pulse.

By tapping into an impressive array of branding and marketing services, and combining the art of storytelling with the rich medium of film making, our company creates unique, compelling and impactful movie-quality commercials that afford our customers an unparalleled way to resonate with their respective audiences. An entirely new form of video production… to help you tell your brand story.

Casting Call: Major League Conditioning Workout Video Box-set.

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Casting for Major League Conditioning Workout Video and Motivational/Instructional DVD box-set media package. Our cinematic production – workout routine/choreography is built to the themes of the particular brand presented in a series of media offerings that requires the use of 8 experienced fitness focused actors/actresses. 18 to 55+ (male/female)


Rehearsals begin in November, and shoots at the end of the month in Phoenix, Arizona. Please submit your resume/ reel to our open casting call on Facebook for consideration:


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Creative Doorway Launches New Brand-Website, Built Around Cinematic Video Production.


The goal of our trademark Creative Doorway cinematic marketing, is to build brands around video production campaigns. Period. We feel it is essential to tell the story of a particular company through cinema style brand storytelling, and then let the complimenting print and web branding materials act as the supporting cast to the lead of the show; “the story.” True brand consistency!

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Allowing a particular video to stand out front as the star attraction in your campaign provides this much needed depth to help build the relevance for the tried and true lineup of traditional marketing protocols you’ve come to know and trust. A commonly overlooked priority that can take your images and content to an entirely new level of perception for those interested in connecting to the value behind your products and services.

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That is why we believe with every core of our creative passions that this “movie industry” formula can be adapted into a new video production format to entertain, educate, and ultimately allow your audience/customers to feel a more authentic emotional connection to your marketing message.

Creative Doorway successfully teleports Today’s Patio, one of Arizona’s most reputable cornerstone businesses, into a new realm of video production.

Implementation of creative video production storytelling techniques enhances company’s brand; forgoing traditional obtrusive solicitation methods to help launch a television commercial campaign with magnetic cinematic consumer attraction.

Today’s Patio is now equipped with a cinematic video production commercial marketing campaign that was strategically developed to release four prime-time television ads for 2015. The company claims to have finally released a new video brand appeal that will set them apart from their competition indefinitely.

“We at Today’s Patio have always taken great pride in our companies identity of offering amazing products and top notch customer service. We challenged Creative Doorway to create television ads that were just as luxurious as the furniture we sale”, says Dan Jolly, Director of Television Marketing at Today’s Patio. “We were absolutely blown away to see how intuitively the Creative Doorway video production team reinvigorated our 35-year old success formula. In the beginning we expressed some ideas we had for the campaign. From there, they took over and it was exciting to watch the evolution of our ideas into these really beautiful and powerful commercials that speak volumes about our brand and identity.”

View Television Spot:

James Buzzacco, President of Creative Doorway, confirms this by stating, “It’s how we built up the relevant plot, the concept, the overall lifestyle, and then placing in the Today’s Patio furniture products throughout our unique set designs that really helped achieve the cinematic formula we pride ourselves in adapting. We truly believe this new generation of television viewers is just too turned off by direct in-your-face commercial solicitation. People are flooded by ads everywhere they look. So if you can squeeze in something that can grab at their attention in the same fashion as a movie or movie trailer format, you can make that subliminal connection to them by sharing this type of emotion eliciting entertainment.”

The Today’s Patio video commercial series concept shined a spotlight on the outdoor activities a family experiences at their home, and how creatively furnishing with Today’s Patio products could magically transform the entire perspective of these memorable moments spent with loved ones. “It’s amazing how the movement of a camera, the color grading of the footage, and the ensemble of a talented cast and crew could all help bring a marketing message like this to life”, says Jolly.

The Today’s Patio commercials will air on all major local television networks during prime-time slots throughout the year, and they are commemorating the Pre-Season, Spring, Memorial Day, and Labor Day Holiday’s by offering consumer savings including no sales tax and free delivery. Surprisingly, after watching the video commercial campaign himself for the first time, Today’s Patio C.O.O. Stephen Ramey expressed, “We have never been more excited to showcase our brand and patio furnishings than we are now with these pieces. These commercials are so much more than your typical calls to action, they represent all the great things our customers create using our products.”

View Footage Reel from Commercial Shoot:

About Creative Doorway

Creative Doorway is a Phoenix, Arizona-based creative marketing company that specializes in innovative, multi-dimensional brand image fabrication for clients around the world.  By tapping into an impressive array of branding and marketing services, and combining the art of storytelling with the rich medium of videography, the company creates unique, compelling and impactful movie-quality commercials that afford their customers an unparalleled way to resonate with their respective audiences.

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Up and Coming Country Music Star Ashley Wineland Uses Unique Cinematic Video Production Storytelling Company Creative Doorway as a Launching Platform to Country Music Stardom.

Artist Enters the Music Mainstream Equipped with the Tools to Showcase Music Video with Licensing from Viacom as an Official CMT Artist.

Ashley Wineland, a newly signed Star 1 Country Music prodigy, has found a way to attract an even larger fan base by using the talents of a unique brand creation video production company, Creative Doorway. After recently signing to Star 1 Records, her 90 thousand fans on Facebook were informed of her intentions to build out her new look and music brand in her latest music video project with Creative Doorway. “The record label’s plan to use its affiliated company Viacom, as a mass distribution outlet, solidified the importance of perfecting her on-screen appeal.” said Manager Brent Wineland. “So we knew it was vital to take Ashley’s marketability to a new level with this type of viewable exposure.”

You can view the behind the scenes video here:

“Ashley’s new hit single, No Prince Charming, not only marked the coming of age milestone for our artist, but it’s subject matter could purposely tell the artist’s story through this unique cinema style video production we were about to use.” says Star 1 Records Owner Kiki Plesha. Plesha connected Wineland to a host of resources with the intent to position the artist in the break-through music video slots on CMT Television Network. “This opportunity was my chance to positively effect how people initially viewed me as an individual and artist.”, states Ashley Wineland in an interview with ION Indy Music Magazine.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.15.48 PM  Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.19.26 PM

With so much weight obviously riding on her first large scale public impression, Creative Doorway President James Buzzacco explained, “it’s critical to spend concentrated efforts on the cinematic production components like casting, wardrobe, makeup, and storyboarding to ensure the success of our client’s project.” Buzzacco contends, “so many artists’s fail to be recognized because they are judged purely on the brand package presentation, and never solely on the musical talents they possess. This is the music business showing its teeth. You have a choice to either rebel against this working business model or perfect the visual brand until it’s competitive with other chart topping music celebrities. Simply stated; she deserves a fair chance to shine is our philosophy as a branding production company.”

The inherent magic created by this unique creative production process enables Ashley, her music producer Bryan Cuban, Viacom, and Star 1 Records to collectively benefit from much more than all the various underground methods artists traditionally use to promote themselves to their audience. “The brand story Creative Doorway creates in this format is a complete ensemble of emotions and expressions that ideally allow Ashley’s fans to identify and share; ultimately allowing them to relate to it as if it were their own.”, states Buzzacco.

You can view the behind the scenes video here:

About Creative Doorway

Creative Doorway is a creative marketing company that specializes in innovative brand image fabrication. With a skilled team designed to devise the ideal package for company and or personal branding uniqueness. The company’s ability to help colorfully story tell using today’s most popular mediums is fused with talents to forge graphical, motion graphic video, web, and creative writing content to help launch a multi-dimensional identity for any project in need of a pulse. The premise lies in their ability to create an effective and viral brand story in just 60 seconds.

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Creative Doorway Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With Groudbreaking Cinematic Video Production Success.

Cinematic Video Production Integration of Sales and Creative Processes Illustrates Company’s State-of-the-Art Approach to Maximizing Customer Engagement


Behind the scenes Parallel Universe

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Aug. 27, 2015 – To mark its one-year anniversary on September 15 of establishing a new realm of creative marketing, one story at a time, Creative Doorway is unveiling its newest original commercial, “Parallel Universe.”

This movie-quality production, available in both a 60- and 90-second format, showcases how this cutting-edge business continues to successfully marry creative concepts with analytical marketing proficiencies to leverage big, innovative approaches to traditional protocols in video production.  By using duplicates of the main character from two different worlds, the company visually illustrates how the two disparate disciplines of sales and creative can “meet each other through the doorway” to maximize left- and right- brain thinking.


Behind the scenes Parallel Universe

The cinematic commercial campaign’s objective, like everything else that the creative marketing firm has done over the past year, is to effectively bridge the gap between a company’s initial concept and its current reality.  Creating a “wow” factor with vivid imagery and a captivating story helps business owners and their employees rekindle their passion in what they do, and reinvigorates customers’ enthusiasm with their brand.


Behind the scenes Parallel Universe

“Brand storytelling is not about your company; it’s about your customers and the value that they get by engaging with your products or services,” explained James Buzzacco, president and production director of Creative Doorway.  “By creating a brand story with a cinematic appeal and colorfully compelling characters that can draw an emotional response in the same fashion as    today’s most popular movies, you are effectively repositioning yourself as a modern-day storyteller for the success of your     business.”


Creative Doorway team behind the scenes Parallel Universe

Creative Doorway’s top-tier team of video production – marketing and creative professionals offer a vast roster of services strategically designed to    build clients’ brands, increase revenues and profit margins, and facilitate audience connectivity.  Branding services include cinematic video production, web design and development, and audio engineering and production.  Customer-centric services in   the marketing arena include identity and branding, mobile and digital media design, and social media optimization.

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Actual footage Parallel Universe

Creative Doorway is a Phoenix, Arizona-based cinematic video production company that specializes in innovative, multi-dimensional brand image fabrication for clients around the world.  By tapping into an impressive array of branding and marketing services, and combining the art of storytelling with the rich medium of videography, the company creates unique, compelling and impactful movie-quality commercials that afford their customers an unparalleled way to resonate with their respective audiences.

Brand Story Marketing Using Video Production – Movie Industry Secrets.

I think it’s safe to say that no one really cares about your marketing goals. Really! But everyone loves a good story. Find a way to mix these two ingredients and reap the rewards of this proven recipe for success. 

Unfortunately, the era of power point presentations and statistical slide shows are no match for the potency of full sensory entertainment media. In this new age of advertising, it’s vital to get your marketing message across in a format that gets shared in a Facebook stream alongside videos of life experiences and pictures of loved ones. So, by creating a brand story with a cinematic appeal with colorfully compelling characters that can draw an emotional response in the same fashion as today’s most popular movies, you are ideally repositioning yourself as a modern day storyteller for the success of your business. Read more

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