Businesses Marketing Backwards? A New Arizona Video Production Company Launches To Build Brands Correctly.

“Most small businesses are unaware that they are marketing backwards,” argues James Buzzacco, founder of the newly launched Arizona video production company – Creative Doorway. Together with his wife and equally passionate business partner Misty, they hope to remedy a misinterpreted formula for success.

“Everyone is flocking to design a logo, build a website, and fill in the blanks with content just to imitate their competitor’s efforts. Then they assume business will just work.” Being a creative director for over 15 years in Scottsdale, Buzzacco affirms that there was this inevitable doom that plagued the overwhelmingly high volume of start-ups every year; regardless of the upscale reputation of the town. “They could claim they had all the traditional marketing elements in place and a budget with limitless potential but would still fail to flourish as a lucrative business. Something was obviously missing.”

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Brand Story Marketing Using Video Production – Movie Industry Secrets.

I think it’s safe to say that no one really cares about your marketing goals. Really! But everyone loves a good story. Find a way to mix these two ingredients and reap the rewards of this proven recipe for success. 

Unfortunately, the era of power point presentations and statistical slide shows are no match for the potency of full sensory entertainment media. In this new age of advertising, it’s vital to get your marketing message across in a format that gets shared in a Facebook stream alongside videos of life experiences and pictures of loved ones. So, by creating a brand story with a cinematic appeal with colorfully compelling characters that can draw an emotional response in the same fashion as today’s most popular movies, you are ideally repositioning yourself as a modern day storyteller for the success of your business. Read more

Whoever tells the best story wins. Go in depth with Creative Doorway’s video production storytelling.

What makes us human is our ability to communicate through the complexity of our language, but with this precious gift comes an innate desire and need for deep, meaningful connections. The people of yesterday and today continually seek engagement.

It is estimated that we see thousands of visual marketing messages each day, yet we are only capable of absorbing a select few. As technology has made deeper inroads into our lives, we’ve become immune to many of the messages marketers are pushing our way. We are a sophisticated society quickly moving past those that pander without value. What we want is to be engaged, through powerful messages that elicit a full spectrum of emotions. The beauty of humankind is that we are not just motivated by joy and excitement, but we also connect with heartache and struggle. The labyrinth of the human mind is a construct of emotional experiences, each with a fluid pathway to the next, anchored by one thing, and one thing only – a meaningful story.

The Creative Doorway exists to tell it’s clients stories powerfully through video production storytelling.

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FREE 30 Second Cinematic Video Production Commercial – Contest

It’s now proven. The universal language used to reach your potential customers has to be spoken through an elaborate effort that provides both audible and visual stimulation through video production. To not only  appease the demanding interests of these desensitized consumers who are surrounded by constant advertising in all aspects of their lives, but to entertain them in the process.

Are you one of the many billboards in the graveyard of ancient marketing ploys that missed it’s mark to leave a memorable impression on your audience? Then let’s create your full sensory adventure story in a format with a presence that screams for attention. Your business can now star as the main character of whom your targeted viewers can build a sense of attachment and relatable connection to. And finally begin to value the passions that fuel your business; all the while viewing your products and/or services through an entirely new protagonist worthy perspective.

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