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The Pure® Product Overview
Liveyon, the global leader in regenerative medicine, is proud to introduce and be the exclusive distributor of the Liveyon PURE® product, a clinical trial grade stem cell concentrate derived from umbilical cord blood manufactured by Liveyon Labs Inc. Following the adage, “If you want something done right do it yourself,” Liveyon is the exclusive distributor of Liveyon Labs manufacturing this innovative product at Liveyon Labs, the company’s own FDA registered and cGMP compliant facility in Yorba Linda, California.

Having full control of the production process in a facility that exceeds good tissue practice (GTP) requirements, Liveyon Labs and the PURE Product® are setting new industry standards for characterization and consistency in live total nucleated cell counts, viability, purity, and safety. 
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Clinical trial grade, live nucleated cell product. 
After years of achieving the highest levels of scientific research and development, we have succeeded in implementing an even more robust biological offering. With modifications made to nearly every aspect of our manufacturing protocols, the PURE Product® supersedes even our own high standards.

PURE® is concentrated at 10 million total nucleated cells,  while PURE PRO® contains 30 million total nucleated cells.  The cells found in the Liveyon PURE Product® may aid in the reduction of inflammation.
Download the Liveyon Labs product report that measures and characterizes the heterogeneous population of cells in the PURE® and PURE PRO® cell suspensions.


Bio-Engineered to be the cleanest, most effective cellular product on the market.
From the PURE® product’s blueprint itself, to how it’s processed for manufacture at our own cGMP compliant laboratory, there was no doubt that Liveyon Labs Inc. would remain in the business of conducting BETTER science. So, it was obvious that decreasing the probability for potential contaminants and cellular debris in our cellular solution, commonly responsible for adverse immune reactions was always the top of our priority while creating the PURE® Product Line.

If the glowing white color of the cellular solution inside isn’t enough to help us solidify the point, allow us to elaborate on a more scientific level, as to what went into the bio-engineering of the PURE product®.  
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Quantifying the qualities and characteristics of the PURE Products®
In order to be considered suitable for clinical trials, a product must be consistent, which means it should have the same cell counts, viability and purity in every vial. The only way to achieve this is by creating, following, testing and measuring strict protocols in every step of the manufacturing process. Every room, each piece of equipment, and all of Liveyon Labs processes have been validated and certified for the production of the PURE® Product. A recently published report reviewed the qualities and characteristics of the PURE® Product. The evaluation suggests that they contain a high percentage of live cells that include stem cells and progenitor cells that play an important role in the regenerative medicine field. In addition, Liveyon PURE® and PURE PRO® contain a variety of growth factors and the potent anti-inflammatory IL-1RA which may help in healing and repair.  
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Welcome to the Liveyon® brand universe.
Liveyon® is more than just a regenerative distribution medicine company; we are a lifestyle, business solution, education and training leader, and on the cutting edge of changing the cellular science landscape for patients and physicians alike. To us, it’s always been about better science, and Liveyon Labs Inc. has proved to demonstrate this vision by perfecting a lineup of products and services to showcase in this year's product catalog. Navigate and immerse yourself into our unique brand storybook.

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Live Streaming Podcast Show Series
Liveyon® presents the newest complimentary media resource to accompany their highly acclaimed regenerative therapy umbilical cord stem cell product line, PURE® and PURE PRO®. A cutting edge podcast format covering an in-depth lineup of today’s most controversial and popular regenerative medicine topics.

Join hosts, Liveyon CEO John W. Kosolcharoen and Director of Education Dr. Alan Gaveck, for this exclusive live podcast series, broadcast streaming live on the Liveyon Pure Cast podcast channel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.
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experience the true feeling of healing potentials

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Of the hundred trillion cells that make up the human body, stem cells are the most important. They are among the few cells in the body that have the potential to become a particular cell type and replace worn and damaged cells.  We welcome you to contact us and learn how Liveyon® can help you and your patients.

Call us at 1-844-LIVEYON (1-844-548-3966) or complete this form:

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8 Episode, Cinematic Docu-Series 
Our new product Liveyon Pure® is going abroad. As we set out to establish Liveyon Labs, Inc. as an international manufacturer this year, we will be documenting our entire scientific journey throughout China and Central America. Filming a very unique cinematic Docu-Series to capture a never before seen perspective into the conception of a production campaign that will have the potential to restore hope and understanding for the miraculous nature of stem cell science on a global level. Liveyon Presents, The Hope Cell.
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